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Hi,this is my first post for my blog.I create it last month but have not time to manage it.Now every things is fine and I have time to continue update my blog form now on.^^

Yesterday is a nice sunny day so I decide to took Amano-chan out to take a outdoor photo at my university.I go to the park in university and take a photo.

Seeing her face like this I wonder what is she thinking…..
“Amano-chan , What are you thinking right now?”

Amano – “eh,…emm Just thinking that today is a very nice day,I can feel the fresh air and take a look at nice nature.And the most happy is I came out with you,he he he”

“I see,I’m happy that you’re with me too,sweetheart”
Amano – “Can you promise me one things?”

Amano – “from now on you must take me out more often.I really want to play outside,staying in the room is so boring”
“Hmmm…. Okay if I have a time and change I’ll take you out more often,I promise”

Amano – “You’ve promise it ,don’t break a promise If you do I’ll mad at you.”
“Alright I got it,I’ll not break a promise.Let’s continue take a photo now.^^”

I continue to take a photo but so sad,suddenly the weather change to cloudy and look like to begin rain so I stop taking photo and go back to my room.T_T

If I have a chance and a nice day again,I’ll take her out for new photo and story.^^


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