New Hood for this winter XD

Hi,It’s been a long time since my last update.XD

yesterday I just go to doll event and got a new Hood for Amano-chan,hope you will like it.:3


Fast Outdoor Photo Shot

Hi, On last Sunday me and my friend take our DD for an outdoor photo shot at the park,but so sad can take photo only one hour because rain.T_T

So,there isn’t much photo,but hope you like it. 😛

Start with Amano-chan.XD

iamapplepuff nee-san’s Rina and Beatrice,So lovely >W<

My friend’s Rin and Feena

and here is some view of place that use to take photo 😀

Thank you for watchting.^^

Random Shot Again ~

Hi,didn’t have a new post for long time because of my hard study and hard work.T_T

So just pick a random shot of Amano to update the blog hope you like it.XD

Amano’s Holiday~~

Today It’s my holiday so I decide to try mix some cloth for Amano-chan and take photo.Hope you like it.XD

Hello,It’s been a while I didn’t up my blog.XD

Last Sunday I brought Amano-chan to mini meeting with DD parents.^^
It’s was very fun and It’s a great day for me.^^
here’s the photos of that day,hope you like them.^^

Amano is looking for her friend

Meet MDD girl,Konomi-chan.><


Hello everyone.XD

after all gathered,we move to take photo outside.^^

Konomi-chan is so kawaii.^^

Amano-chan with big flower on her head.:P

Nyan Konomi.XD

Group Photo before move to another place.^^

Came to friend’s Condo and take photo at the pool.^^

Konomi-chan. ❤ ❤

Amano-chan & Konomi-chan.XD

Meet sakura-chan.^o^

Group photo at the pool.^^

Move to the garden before Go back to friend’s room. \^o^/

seem Amano-chan is really like Sakura-chan.XD

If you would like to see the remaining photos Go to my Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/kitsuke_crimsongaiaz/sets/72157627331097268/

Thank you all for watching.^o^

Today I’ve got another new wig for Amano-chan so,I try it on and take some photo of her on new wig.

What do you think about this hair style of her? XD

Finally Photo of  DD & DDs that will be on Home Town Dolpa has reveal.

It’s  DD Sakuya Izayoi,DD Moe 2nd and DDs Akiba girl Akira

Sakuya and Moe will come with new body that release in this time  Dollfie Dream Base body III  !!!!

Akira will come with improve version of DDs body and have alternative cloth,NekoMagic

After see those pic,I really want sakuya because of her dress and accessories ,I wonder  her pocket watch can be real watch.XD

PS.here some photo of my gundam that I will review next time when finish building. 😛